Hi!  I’m Sheena & Welcome to SSRM Designs & Photography!

I am a licensed portrait & event photographer & a graphic designer located in Ridgeville Corners, Ohio, serving Northwest Ohio and surrounding areas.  I attended our local college and graduated with an early childhood degree.  I took a graphic design job straight out of college, having been involved in the arts from a very young age with my mom and grandma, graphics was a perfect fit!  I was introduced to photography in my first year of 4-H and it quickly became a hobby.  I decided to take a leap and I am now running my own graphic design and photography business!  Two wonderful medias that allow me to create wonderful memories for so many!

I love being a photographer and graphic designer.  It allows me to make a session all about you or a logo specific to your business.  I like to tell a story through your photographs and make whatever makes you special shine through!  I love walking down the street and seeing a t-shirt design that I did for a camp or vehicle graphics I did for a business!

Art is such a wonderful media, the opportunities and creativity are endless!  I would love to sit down with you and plan  your custom photography session or graphic design!  Getting in touch with me is easy, you can email me at, via Facebook, or by filling out the contact form on here!  I look forward to hearing from you!


*Thank you to my friend and fellow photographer Shaylee for graciously taking these for me!


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